Chicken adobo: Make time for your guests by Anjuli

Posted on 11-03-08 · Tags: , , ,

Chicken adobo

When I think of dinner parties, I think of time I will be spending in the kitchen. My recent adventure actually left leisure time for relaxation and conversation BEFORE DINNER WAS SERVED. Shocker. There was exceptional kitchen help and there was also chicken adobo. Crowd pleaser. Leftover king. Low-key, accommodating, with some natural charisma and a lot of flavor.

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Honey mustard vinaigrette by Anjuli

Posted on 09-19-08 · Tags: , ,

This dead simple vinaigrette can dress up any savory salad that’s looking for a little sweetness. I’ve used it a lot to accompany spicy greens, onions, nuts, etc, and most recently in the butter lettuce salad with stewed apples, sorrel, red onion, Gruyere, and toasted walnuts.

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Herb vinaigrettes by Anjuli

Posted on 08-13-08 · Tags: ,


I recently raised the stakes for cooking, taking it from a purely pleasurable activity to one that will feed Matt and me daily and save about 200% in weekly food bills. Those in New York who cook are miles ahead of me, and those who don’t, I pity your restaurant and pizza tabs. I held out on cooking as a means because I hate the thought of even having the desire to buy things “pre-,” as in packaged, marinaded, etc. You have the right to slap me if I ever make a positive claim about how easy Whole Foods has made cooking. Feeling lazy when you eat out means going to your local. Feeling lazy when you cook for yourself means heading to the front of Whole Foods before the scary hour of 9 when the last buckets are dwindling at the trough.

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