Peppery green beans with sage and Parmigiano Reggiano by Anjuli

Posted on 10-19-08 · Tags: , , ,

Pepper green beans with sage and parmigiano reggiano

The spice of the pepper, savory crunchy sage, and nutty Reggiano make this the perfect side dish for a soup. The key, my mother learned, is that you need to take the sage leaves off and place them in a bowl, uncovered, so they remain crisp.

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Baked Eggs Reprise: Sage, Blue Cheese, and Rosemary Sourdough by Anjuli

Posted on 09-25-08 · Tags: , ,

Baked eggs with sage and blue cheese

This one was a winner. Sage is a wonderfully rich herb on its own. But pair it with blue cheese, which I had leftover, and then add in some alium and chewy rosemary sourdough, and the taste sort of hits you in the face (in a good way), and then lingers on your tongue. This pairing actually got better halfway through.

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