Dill and smoked mozzarella omelette with cremini mushrooms by Anjuli

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Dill and smoked mozarella omelette with cremini mushrooms

We are making history here. Another perfectly good egg prejudice blown wide open: the stuffed omelette. I always thought it was silly and French to make the omelette and fold it around some cooked vegetables. Why can’t the ingredients be cooked into the eggs? Then I decided to add mushrooms to an omelette recipe. It didn’t seem right to have mushrooms floating around. So I gave them a cozy home inside the soft, warm center of that fluffy pillow of eggs. And voila! The flavor of the eggs really stands out, enhanced by the dill, and puffed up by the cheese. The first bite of savory smoked mozzarella and mushroom against the delicate egg makes you feel almost sophisticated. Then you remember you’re eating an omelette at the oven top in your underwear. And you feel even better. I will say, egg and mushroom are a harmonious duo.

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Dill, basil, and goat cheese omelette by Anjuli

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Dill, basil, and goat cheese omelette

Praise be to the omelette. They are easy, quick (if done right, they cook in 3 minutes), delicious, and an excellent way to get protein in at the start of the day. The dill in this recipe is subtle, but adds some complexity to the always excellent combo of basil and goat cheese. I generally put a splash of milk in my omelette to keep it soft and a fresh grind of nutmeg to bring out the sweetness.

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