Dates and cashew butter for a rainy day by Anjuli

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Dates with cashew butter

We used to pack dates and cashew butter for hikes when we were kids. They would be all gooey and squashed when we reached summit and pulled them out, but their appearance didn’t seem to have any impact on the taste. I now also eat them at lower elevations with French press coffee on a rainy day. In general, nuts are the ideal snack because the protein and fat give you energy that sustains you much longer than an afternoon sugar rush. These must be made with the freshest, plumpest and stickiest dates you can find. Otherwise it’s a sin to waste perfectly good nut butter. Oh, and grownups share.

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PB&J for grown-ups by Anjuli

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Homemade nut butter is unequaled. It is shocking, even to me, how different a freshly roasted nut tastes from a store-bought one. Even the organic, yada yada brands won’t do your butter justice. Homemade butters are easy, allow you to control the ingredients and texture, and give you the opportunity to spike them anyway you like.

Now for choice of nuts. IMO, cashews just rule, full stop. They have the most flavor, if you’re OK with the fat and calories (it is a nut butter, people, after all). Almonds are obviously the wonder nut, but as a butter they usually wind up bitter, and are best roasted and popped directly in your mouth. As for peanuts, they are actually a hypoallergenic seed, and although much of the world lives off this nut, it is best avoided (expect for your occasional splurge for some Jiffy). Walnuts and pecans are also good to try out.

Find a store that sells in bulk, so you don’t get charged up the ass. It goes without saying organic is better, if you can spend the extra $$$ (1lb organic is around $15, while I’ve seen conventional for under $4). Hopefully this is not your first time weighing a beer against an organic tomato. [Otherwise: hello newbie, join us. How much do you care about your body?] Try out this cashew recipe for a start.

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