Butter lettuce salad with stewed apples, sorrel, red onion, Gruyere, and toasted walnuts by Anjuli

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The silkiness of the of the mild butter (or Boston) lettuce pairs well with the spicy lemony flavor of the sorrel, sweet bite of a red onion freshly pulled from the ground, and tangy Macintosh stewed with fall spices. All are currently in season at New York’s Greenmarkets, so take advantage of this recipe before first frost. Paired with soup and some hearty, chewy country bread, this is the perfect Fall meal for still-summer weather.

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The perfect bite-size dinner by Anjuli

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Those who can find the perfect bite each time they bring a forkful to their mouth have a rare talent. Most of us shovel in our food, eat without looking, or prefer to eat the best part first or save it for last. Then there are those that eat clockwise, or only one thing at a time. What is that about? Any cook wants you to have the perfect balance of flavors in a good-sized mouthful every time.

I love to look at my food when I eat, and sometimes I focus so hard I miss conversations around me, forget to read subtitles during my dinner movie, or neglect to hear the waitress trying to get my attention for the second time. But the perfect bite usually only happens once a meal.

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Baked Eggs with Ham, Chard, and Gruyere by Anjuli

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DSC_0121Baked eggs are an essential peak to conquer on the 100-ways-egg chef’s hat. These little buggers are easy to make and totally versatile. Besides being a hearty breakfast, they can be made lighter or heavier (take or leave cream, greens, breakfast meats, and cheese), and can be dressed up for dinner. But best of all, they have the essential food groups to cure a hangover: carbs, lipids, and some vitamin C thrown in for good measure. This particular baked eggs recipe cured the effects of a Maker’s Mark bender.

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