Green with envy by Anjuli

Posted on 06-23-09 · Tags: , , , , , ,

Mom's gardens

On our surprise visit up to see my dad on Father’s Day we made a trip out to my mother’s garden with scissors and a basket to fill up on greens. The garden is flourishing despite the rain and resulting slug infestation. Even in such a small space (about 4 x 2 parking spaces) there’s still enough bounty that I can take home a week’s worth of lettuce, scapes, chard, kale, and herbs and barely make a dent.

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What’s our First Lady going to do with her produce? by Anjuli

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What’s more “local” than a vegetable garden? Michelle Obama is building one after all. The New York Times reports the new garden will be the first since Eleanor Roosevelt’s victory garden in WWII, which was roughly 60 years ago.

We consider WWI and WWII to be the catalysts for our modern food industry, resulting in the abandonment worldwide of practices of raising, cultivation, and preparation of foods by hand. During the Great Depression our grandmothers were still using the whole chicken, feeding the family, and growing some tomatoes in the backyard. But by the end of WWII the government had found a nationwide solution in the form of industry, giving the public a break from cooking and nutrition.

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It’s Fall: Go pick your own produce by Anjuli

Posted on 10-06-08 · Tags: ,

The harvest before first frost in mom's garden

My parents live in the woods in northern Connecticut. My mother has always had a garden and grown vegetables whenever she could. Matt and I had the good fortune of taking a final peek at her produce this weekend, before the frost steals the rest.

The amount of edibles growing in what she calls her “little organic garden” makes me feel like an ass for living in New York and periodically buying herbs that come wilting in little plastic containers for $4 when I’m in a pinch. A pinch for my mother would be attempting to procure mint in the backyard while throwing a dinner party for twenty during a hailstorm when everyone is just finishing their main course.

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