Anatomy of a Sandwich by Anjuli

Posted on 08-25-09 · Tags: , , , , ,

this makes no sense sandwich

You can never, ever, go wrong with this anatomy for a sandwich: crust, spread, something crunchy, something moist, and something savory. This simple formula has made some seriously classic sandwiches. Whenever I come across a sandwich in my path that I don’t particularly like, it’s always missing one of these elements. Open any fridge in any household and, dorm room kiddie fridges aside, you can almost always find the ingredients to make something delectable for lunch that fits between two slices of bread.

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Reuse: repickle by Anjuli

Posted on 07-15-09 · Tags: , , , , ,

Reuse: Repickle
Pickles reached new heights of popularity in New York in the last ten years. Recently, though, I’ve been in a terrible pickle of my own over the cost of my favorite local ferments. $8-12 for a jar of Rick’s Picks or McClure’s (technically a Detroit native) is obscene. While the idea of supporting local LES establishments was novel the first couple times, and most certainly delicious, these “hand-packed” gourmet varieties have gotten outside of my condiment budget (and out of control). Barrels of Guss‘ have cropped up everywhere in the LES from Spitzer’s Corner all the way to Whole Foods. Although they are cheaper, I can’t stomach their yellowy complexions and bloated, rubbery skin without the slightest impression of crunch. Travesty.

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