Nut brittle with bittersweet chocolate by Weezie

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Nut and chocolate brittle w/ marcona almond, pecans and sesame seeds

Anjuli, poor girl, has, of all things, pneumonia. She and Matt have been staying in Connecticut while they get ready for their travels. They’re going to be outside of the US for a while, so their planning and packing involves millions of little details. The last thing Anjuli needed was to come down with pneumonia. I wanted to make something that would lift her spirits in this never-ending winter. It was Valentine’s Day, so I thought she would love it if I made some nut brittle and backed it with chocolate.

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Props for Brooklyn’s food artisans by Anjuli

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You know it’s, err, finally happening when The New York Times reports on a trend. Uses of “Blipster” and “locavore” come to mind, but let’s not go there. Other than dubbing the recent artisan foods and specialty shops opening in Brooklyn a “movement,” and selecting those owners that aesthetically mesh with the existing Brooklyn “hipster” vibe, Oliver Schwaner-Albright’s article is worth the read (inspiring, even). He gives some well-earned props to Brooklyn Flea, the Mast Brothers Chocolate, McClure’s, Fine & Raw, and Marlow & Sons. I posted on the Flea back in November after a trip out to see Bob McClure, Michael and Rick Mast, and Daniel Sklarr. The return to real artisan trade, keen attention to detail, and community support in Brooklyn is definitely inspiring and can’t help but be reminiscent of the Berkeley food revival in the 70s and 80s. But small, local movements like these need something bigger (i.e. Alice Waters) to make any sort of national impact or even be dubbed a movement. What’s next, Brooklyn?

In the meantime, I need a job. Let’s revive the traditional apprenticeship, shall we?

Also, check out the comments from readers in the Diner’s Journal Blog.

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Non-essential essentials by Anjuli

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stalks and chocolate

The Washington Post published an article recently on the comforts that people will not give up buying. Mine are: spinning, fresh produce, soft cotton, dark chocolate, and espresso. What are yours?

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Food redeems flea in Brooklyn by Anjuli

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Mast Brothers Chocolate

I was looking down the barrel of yet another totally blown afternoon at a second-hand in Brooklyn, this time at the Brooklyn Flea. Apparently hipsters in this borough are made not born, because their rejects certainly aren’t worth the elbow deep rummaging in BO and stale cigarette smoke. I will reserve my thrifty shopping to up-or-out of state.

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My thoughts on chocolate by Anjuli

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Chocolate is a pleasure I indulge in daily. It’s a lusty, spicy, nibble of dark magic. It’s important for me that my experience is both indulgent and guilt-free. I eat my chocolate at least 70% dark, Fair or Direct Trade, as untouched and unprocessed as possible, two little squares broken directly from the bar.

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