Mulligatawny by Anjuli

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Making mulligatawny

Mulligatawny, an Indian-Brit recipe, means “pepper water” in Tamil (“millagu” is pepper and “thanni” is water). This was my favorite soup growing up. The list of ingredients may seem a little daunting, but just think of the cooking spread over two days (like we do), and it’s a cake walk. There is nothing complicated to make this (other than the prep and measuring of spices). I have made it with my mother before, but this time documented while she cooked, and am now presenting her recipe to you.

It’s got a complex flavor coming from the sweetness of the coconut and onion, spiciness of the chili and pepper, and a complex aroma from the broth and Indian spices. The soup is a beautiful golden yellow color, specked with green, and has a soft texture and smooth finish. The chicken basically just melts in your mouth. Served on brown rice it is an excellent and complete dinner.

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Boiling chicken and making stock by Anjuli

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Boiling chicken and making broth

Buying a chicken and processing it yourself is an excellent way to save money and introduce flavor into stocks and recipes. It’s easy to boil a chicken, and once done, the meat falls right off. Of course, it was only easy after my mother came for the weekend and showed me this technique and others.

There is never, ever, a good reason to buy a conventional chicken. Buy Organic, and find the best one you can. Don’t even get me started on the industry of chickens, or I will spam you with statistics and horrifying photos. Animal rights aside, you are what you eat. Who wants to be part broken-legged fat bird stuffed with antibiotics? OK, I’ll stop. This 3 pound youngin was $14.

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Another take on chicken salad by Anjuli

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I have a thing for olives and chicken. In this recipe, the sweetness of the caramelized onions pairs nicely with the savory chicken salad. Tarragon is not appreciated enough. It’s a little sweet, has a licorice flavor and a hint of cinnamon.

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Jerk-esque grilled chicken with black bean and watercress salad by Anjuli

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The chicken, bean salad, and watercress in this recipe compliment each other well. The chicken gives some spice and smokiness, the beans their starch, citrus, and a little bite, and the watercress gives some needed crunch and pepperiness. For anyone gawking at the length: the chicken is also great on a sandwich, and the bean salad is excellent eaten alone, with a little sprinkle of cheese, with tortilla chips, or put in a taco.

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