My bread speaks in cheese and tomatoes by Anjuli

Posted on 04-26-09 · Tags: , , , , ,

Grilled cheese w/ caramelized onions, whole grain mustard, and tomatoes on homemade anadama bread

Being a perceptive cook really means doing the bidding of your food. It’s a good day when you just happen to have a molasses sweet and cornmeal gritty anadama bread (from the Bread Baker’s Apprentice) that is crying out for some grilled cheese and tomatoes. If on that day it happens to be 80 degrees (seriously?) and both your cheese and brow are sweating, you just pair it with a little acidic salad to refresh your palate.

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Frisée salad w/ linguiça, serra, egg, and roasted garlic dressing by Anjuli

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Frisée salad w/ linguiça, serra, egg, and roasted galic dressing

We spent this weekend visiting mom and pop Pelletier in Dighton. In spite of Saturday’s rain we enjoyed ourselves splendidly, visiting a couple of Portuguese bakeries, a supermarket, and a restaurant called TA (Terra Nostra) in Fall River, MA.

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Wild Fermentation, Sandor Ellix Katz by Anjuli

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“Wild fermentation is the opposite of homogenization and uniformity, a small antidote you can undertake in your home, using the extremely localized populations of microbial cultures present there to produce your own unique fermented foods. What you ferment with the organisms around you is a manifestation of your specific environment, and it will always be a little different.” – Wild Fermentation, Sandor Ellix Katz

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Stinky Brooklyn: Is that a cheese smell or just your BO? by Anjuli

Posted on 03-20-09 · Tags: , , ,

I was incredibly disappointed as we got onto the F heading into Brooklyn to find that we’d forgotten the camera. An afternoon outing to Stinky Brooklyn with no camera to document the goods? Travesty. Well, it turns out Stinky Brooklyn is more or less a copy of the condiment section of Zingerman’s with more “talk,” much less “know,” a couple of hooves, and some sleepy cheeses.

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The un-McMuffin by Anjuli

Posted on 01-07-09 · Tags: , ,

Homemade egg and cheese sandwich

Happy New Year! Holidays behind us (and soon resolutions as well), I am busying myself with my college final, set for Inauguration Day. Two days following I will be shipping off to Tokyo for two weeks! This somehow excuses my lack of updates.

The last time I posted I was making Christmas dinner. After Christmas we went on a road trip with friends from New York down to Tennessee, and celebrated New Year’s Memphis-style. There was The King, blues, luscious barbecue, and good company.

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Pizza party after an Unsilent Night by Anjuli

Posted on 12-15-08 · Tags: , , , , , ,

Homemade cheese pizza w/ eggplant, bell peper, red onion, and basil

Unsilent Night

Unsilent Night

On Saturday evening we witnessed our first Unsilent Night in New York (check out the photo set). Listening to the sounds of the city mesh and mingle with the sounds of the Phil Kline’s soundtrack while walking from park to park with New Yorkers clutching boomboxes, some dressed as santa, was definitely a unique urban experience. On Sunday I woke up wanting pizza.

Pizza is one of those things you cook that is all about fun and flavor. There’s nothing practical about it. There’s nothing thrifty about it (especially not with the NY options). There’s nothing quick about it (between the rising of the dough, etc, you’re looking at leave 4 hours). Oh boy is it tasty, perfect for groups, satisfying hand work, and customizable to anyone’s taste (except gluten-free diets, so sorries!) with mix and match ingredients.

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