Chile rellenos by Anjuli

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I grew up in a family that still made good of our leftovers. We pan-fried leftover grilled corn, made meatloaf, stuffed all sorts of vegetables, made soup with bits and bobs of meats and leftover rinds and things. At times I thought it was amazing and at times a cruel joke. Do they really think I’m not going to notice that the corn in my fritter is from the half cob I refused to finish yesterday?! My attitude towards leftovers depended on age, and whether at that age I saw my parents as gods or messengers of evil, plotting against me. Reinventing foods to make something new and possibly more satiating is no laughing matter. It requires gusto which my mother has in spades. Many of the soups, stews, loafs, and stuffings we revere come from these humble roots.

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Don’t eat this if you’re pregnant, or more than 4x/mo by Anjuli

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Tuna with red onion, walnuts, olives, watercress and farmhouse cheddar on whole wheat

Choosing a healthy diet today isn’t easy. When I was a kid, class and religion still dictated most of our eating habits. Nowadays pollution, GMO, obesity, and big industry further complicate our choices. The concern over eating a tuna fish sandwich back then was the stink. Today it’s such a loaded issue I take pause before publishing the recipe.

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Salad therapy w/ ruby red pomegranates by Anjuli

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Watercress, fennel, pomegranate, walnut, and cheddar salad

It’s frequently said that making good food is predicated on feeling good. If you’re having a bad day, don’t attempt cooking, because your food will taste like yesterday’s garbage. That was oddly how I approached smoking. I would only smoke when I felt excellent, because it boosted the feeling with a lovely little nicotine rush. When I felt awful, smoking only made me feel worse. Granted, when I was a smoker I wasn’t much into food because I couldn’t taste a thing. But that’s another story.

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Watercress salad with red pepper, black olives, tomatoes in a tarragon vinaigrette by Anjuli

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Watercress with red pepper, black olives, cheddar, and tomatoes

Ah, the salad. The dish for waifs and finicky eaters. The grunt work of a dinner out, ordered and picked over as penance for the main course. On menus it arrives in one of these forms: a “tossed” meal laden with dairy and other “fixings” on a 12” dinner plate, 12 dead leaves of lettuce unceremoniously carried to the table, or a few beautiful twigs dressed with a tablespoon of oil and a slice of cheese that sets you back $12. Thanks for the upsell, but I will definitely PASS.

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Jalapeno whole wheat scones with cheddar and rosemary by Anjuli

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Whole wheat jalapeno scones with cheddar and rosemary

I have always wanted to make scones with heat. Well, Matt obliged this weekend and baked some. We were definitely missing out. These scones are fluffy, a little spicy and with some bite from the cheddar and finish smoothly with a taste of rosemary. I am digging this spicy little wake-up call.

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Capsicums and tequila come to dinner by Anjuli

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Chipotle chicken tacos

It’s starting to get cold. Cold means frost which means winter vegetables. In the winter, we have two main options: squash or roots. This year I’m just not ready for either. Since I started paying more attention to seasonal produce, I have been amazed with how excited I am as new vegetables come to the greenmarket. Not this winter. My stomach has been saying “Winter, slow dooooown.” I’m eating tacos tonight. [I also had tacos last night.] For now I am beating the cold wind and puffy coats by building an inner fire using the magic of capsicum and tequila.

If you’re feeling what I’m feeling, join in on my fun. Chipotle chicken tacos with cheddar and guacamole.

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A year of eggs by Anjuli

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Baked eggs with cheddar, ham, and sauteed cremini mushrooms

Only those that have known me longer than a year will appreciate the significance of this statement: I love eggs for breakfast. I love making eggs for people for breakfast. Allow me to take a moment’s pause and count the ways that I love eggs. Scrambled with a touch of cheese and nutmeg; thinly laid atop alliums, sprinkled with cheese and herb, and folded into a perfect omelette; placed under the broiler to puff up into a frittata; stuffed with mushrooms; coated in mozzarella; fried up and eaten on toast; placed in a toast hole; and finally, my favorite to date, good old chewy, runny, savory, baked eggs.

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Nibblets for the big night by Anjuli

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I scrapped the TV event rituals of chips and dip, buffalo wings, and other toilet-hugging night wreckers in favor of these little nibblets. They’re friendly, bite-sized, and come in all sorts of flavors to suit the mood of the hour. Here are some options to start with. And here’s to hoping…

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Oat scones with cheddar, rosemary, apples, and toasted walnuts by Anjuli

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Oat scones with cheddar, rosemary, apples, and toasted walnuts

These scones were baked by Matt in honor of my friend Irene’s birthday, who is a huge fan of cheddar and will partake in a good, savory scone. In addition to a good chunk of cheddar, these lovelies are also stuffed with rosemary, apples, and walnuts. They are crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside, and made only with oat flour, oats, and whole wheat flour, which gives them a much more complex flavor. Matt and I didn’t used to use whole wheat for baking, but now we can’t stand white because we find it to be too bland and cakey. Although we only made the batch Saturday evening, we ate the last two this morning.

This recipe was inspired by the oat scones from my Whole Grain Baking King Arthur cookbook, which we make all the time.

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