Noon Rogani by Weezie

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Mom's Noon Rogani

I have been a fan of King Arthur Flour for a long time. They have been grinding flour for 200 years and they really seem to have it down. Their organic whole wheat, if treated right and soaked the night before in a slightly acid solution, rises as high as white flour in my experience. They have a huge product line and they offer recipes on line and classes in their headquarters in New England.

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My bread speaks in cheese and tomatoes by Anjuli

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Grilled cheese w/ caramelized onions, whole grain mustard, and tomatoes on homemade anadama bread

Being a perceptive cook really means doing the bidding of your food. It’s a good day when you just happen to have a molasses sweet and cornmeal gritty anadama bread (from the Bread Baker’s Apprentice) that is crying out for some grilled cheese and tomatoes. If on that day it happens to be 80 degrees (seriously?) and both your cheese and brow are sweating, you just pair it with a little acidic salad to refresh your palate.

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Baking Sourdough at The Brooklyn Kitchen by Anjuli

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Brooklyn Kitchen bread making with Nathan Leamy

“I’ve got a lot of friends who say, ‘Hey, you’re a baker? I’ve got a bread machine. I used it once!’ Yeah, thanks man, we can relate.”

Sometimes I imagine yeast only blows in on the spring breeze. And so, it seems, do the bakers. They come in talking of the wild and ebullient yeast, growing all around us and living underneath our fingernails. This has been my experience with the spring sourdough classes, either at Murray’s, 92nd Street Y, or The French Culinary Institute. This year The Brooklyn Kitchen decided to celebrate bread for the month of March. Portland native, Watson Fellowship winner, and world traveler Nathan Leamy arrived in New York two months ago, praising the simplicity, patience, and Zen-like practice of baking sourdough. Nathan’s fellowship sent him around the world (i.e.: Mexico, India, France, Italy, and Egypt) in a year to document the changes of farming staple crops due to industry and politics. While I have listened to a couple of these classes now, I enjoyed Nathan’s friendly, frank, and practical approach to baking loaves. My takeaway? Bake, a lot. Taste, a lot. Mess up, a lot. A lot of fun is to be had.

If Brooklyn Kitchen does another set with Nathan, check him out. Or you can read my notes below. I have omitted the recipe but give a healthy description and those ever-elusive baker’s tips.

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Cornbread stuffing with chestnuts, cranberries and onions by Anjuli

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Stuffing is one of those things that you wish you made more than once a year, but then you get around to baking the cornbread a day early, assembling the ingredients, and baking it in the oven for an hour. You realize it’s become a lengthy task to keep you busy while the turkey is cooking. Well, thanks for that. The time we take to make stuffing these days has graduated it to my favorite Thanksgiving dish.

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