Anatomy of a Sandwich by Anjuli

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this makes no sense sandwich

You can never, ever, go wrong with this anatomy for a sandwich: crust, spread, something crunchy, something moist, and something savory. This simple formula has made some seriously classic sandwiches. Whenever I come across a sandwich in my path that I don’t particularly like, it’s always missing one of these elements. Open any fridge in any household and, dorm room kiddie fridges aside, you can almost always find the ingredients to make something delectable for lunch that fits between two slices of bread.

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Jerk-esque grilled chicken with black bean and watercress salad by Anjuli

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The chicken, bean salad, and watercress in this recipe compliment each other well. The chicken gives some spice and smokiness, the beans their starch, citrus, and a little bite, and the watercress gives some needed crunch and pepperiness. For anyone gawking at the length: the chicken is also great on a sandwich, and the bean salad is excellent eaten alone, with a little sprinkle of cheese, with tortilla chips, or put in a taco.

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