Salade Nicoise by Anjuli

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Salad Nicoise

Last seven days: Colloquium = 6 days away; Japan = 8 days away; number of times I’ve been up past 2am = 5; number of morning I’ve woken up refreshed only because the prior day’s caffeine is still in my system = 2; number of books studying = 23; pots of tea drunk: 20? Times cooked = 1; chocolate bars eaten = 4; movies watched = 3. Even with all the caffeine, I’m relatively stress-free and happy. ONE MORE WEEK TO GO. Woot.

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Salad therapy w/ ruby red pomegranates by Anjuli

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Watercress, fennel, pomegranate, walnut, and cheddar salad

It’s frequently said that making good food is predicated on feeling good. If you’re having a bad day, don’t attempt cooking, because your food will taste like yesterday’s garbage. That was oddly how I approached smoking. I would only smoke when I felt excellent, because it boosted the feeling with a lovely little nicotine rush. When I felt awful, smoking only made me feel worse. Granted, when I was a smoker I wasn’t much into food because I couldn’t taste a thing. But that’s another story.

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Watercress salad with red pepper, black olives, tomatoes in a tarragon vinaigrette by Anjuli

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Watercress with red pepper, black olives, cheddar, and tomatoes

Ah, the salad. The dish for waifs and finicky eaters. The grunt work of a dinner out, ordered and picked over as penance for the main course. On menus it arrives in one of these forms: a “tossed” meal laden with dairy and other “fixings” on a 12” dinner plate, 12 dead leaves of lettuce unceremoniously carried to the table, or a few beautiful twigs dressed with a tablespoon of oil and a slice of cheese that sets you back $12. Thanks for the upsell, but I will definitely PASS.

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Winter salad with tangerines, blue cheese, and toasted walnuts by Anjuli

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Winter salad with tangerines, onion, blue cheese, and toasted walnuts

Oranges, blue cheese, and red onion are a winning combination. In other terms I would say something astringent, something sour, and something spicy go well together. Add in the sweetness of the dressing, the savory walnuts, and the fresh, bitter greens and you have a simple salad with a complex taste. Adding in the salt and brine of a good black olive also works well.

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Lemon tarragon chicken by Anjuli

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Lemon tarragon chicken sandwich

Skinless boneless Organic chicken breast cut into strips, marinated overnight in a good blend of flavors, and cooked in a pan is a good thing to have on hand. Kind of like a good balsamic. Just saying. Two breasts cooked two ways can give you sandwiches and salads for the whole week.

The background of fresh lemon and tarragon can be enhanced or altered altogether to suit other recipes. Below I give both a sandwich and a salad that will enhance the marinated chicken, and also to make for an easy shopping list.

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Caesar done right by Anjuli

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Caesar done right

Caesar salad is the most commonly bastardized dish I can think of. Done right it is an incredibly flavorful, savory, peppery, and satisfying meal. Done wrong it is a gloppy, sagging pile of bread and imitation cheese atop wilted yellowing lettuce flown from halfway across the world. Here I attempt to recreate the former.

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Coleslaw: The delicious and brightly colored revival by Anjuli

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Purple and green sweet cabbage coleslaw with pecans, apples, and currants

Coleslaw’s revival has been sudden and powerful. The sugary, gelatinous mess handed to you in styrofoam at KFC, slopped on paper plates at picnic tables as a “veggie” to accompany BBQ, or found in metal containers at buffets all over the US is now being challenged by the flavorful variety of homemade recipes in kitchens and restaurants alike. Join us. Take back coleslaw. Dare to eat it in the fall, or even the winter (ooooooo). If you’ve already mastered your own, send me links.

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Butter lettuce salad with stewed apples, sorrel, red onion, Gruyere, and toasted walnuts by Anjuli

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The silkiness of the of the mild butter (or Boston) lettuce pairs well with the spicy lemony flavor of the sorrel, sweet bite of a red onion freshly pulled from the ground, and tangy Macintosh stewed with fall spices. All are currently in season at New York’s Greenmarkets, so take advantage of this recipe before first frost. Paired with soup and some hearty, chewy country bread, this is the perfect Fall meal for still-summer weather.

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Honey mustard vinaigrette by Anjuli

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This dead simple vinaigrette can dress up any savory salad that’s looking for a little sweetness. I’ve used it a lot to accompany spicy greens, onions, nuts, etc, and most recently in the butter lettuce salad with stewed apples, sorrel, red onion, Gruyere, and toasted walnuts.

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Herb vinaigrettes by Anjuli

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I recently raised the stakes for cooking, taking it from a purely pleasurable activity to one that will feed Matt and me daily and save about 200% in weekly food bills. Those in New York who cook are miles ahead of me, and those who don’t, I pity your restaurant and pizza tabs. I held out on cooking as a means because I hate the thought of even having the desire to buy things “pre-,” as in packaged, marinaded, etc. You have the right to slap me if I ever make a positive claim about how easy Whole Foods has made cooking. Feeling lazy when you eat out means going to your local. Feeling lazy when you cook for yourself means heading to the front of Whole Foods before the scary hour of 9 when the last buckets are dwindling at the trough.

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