My thoughts on chocolate by Anjuli

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Chocolate is a pleasure I indulge in daily. It’s a lusty, spicy, nibble of dark magic. It’s important for me that my experience is both indulgent and guilt-free. I eat my chocolate at least 70% dark, Fair or Direct Trade, as untouched and unprocessed as possible, two little squares broken directly from the bar.

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Pumpkin Bread Pudding by Anjuli

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Pumpkin Bread Pudding
There is never an excuse to throw away stale bread. Although breadcrumbs and croutons are the easiest ways to make use of an old loaf, bread putting is definitely the post satisfying. Matt and I headed to a pick-ur-own in upstate this weekend. In addition to scouring for the sweetest apples, pulling heads of cabbage from the ground with our bear hands, and trying to determine what a ripe eggplant looks like, we picked up a few small sugar pumpkins. Once baked, the skin turned an amazing orange-brown. With my slightly stale loaf of whole wheat and fresh pumpkin puree, I set out to make delectable peasant food. After weeding through some totally pretentious recipes, I gave a call to my mother, who reminded me of its simple roots. Pumpkin aside, I tried to stay true to what bread pudding should really be like: easy, comforting, and sweet.

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Stewed Apples by Anjuli

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Oat scones with cheddar, rosemary, apples, and toasted walnuts

Apples are versatile, in season right now, and come in a wide variety to suit anyone’s taste. I am really liking them stewed right now, with some fall spices, and then put on top of salad, scones, or eaten alone as dessert or for breakfast.

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