Almond and fig-filled whole wheat scones by Anjuli

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Almond and fig-filled whole wheat scones

These scones were a technical disaster. Since I’ve spent much more of my life cooking, I approach baking with the same style of partially reading the recipe and casually following its methods. This resulted in forgetting to add the sugar and stuffing too many nuts and fruits into the batter. I think this is a common reason many amateur cooks avoid making: it’s too technical. But the science of baking is an obviously fascinating and rewarding craft. Once I get over my habit I promise to master some of its yummier products. So I give you the recipe, but with the pretense that while these everyone cannot be a masterpiece, these taste fucking good.

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Oat scones with cheddar, rosemary, apples, and toasted walnuts by Anjuli

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Oat scones with cheddar, rosemary, apples, and toasted walnuts

These scones were baked by Matt in honor of my friend Irene’s birthday, who is a huge fan of cheddar and will partake in a good, savory scone. In addition to a good chunk of cheddar, these lovelies are also stuffed with rosemary, apples, and walnuts. They are crunchy on the outside and moist on the inside, and made only with oat flour, oats, and whole wheat flour, which gives them a much more complex flavor. Matt and I didn’t used to use whole wheat for baking, but now we can’t stand white because we find it to be too bland and cakey. Although we only made the batch Saturday evening, we ate the last two this morning.

This recipe was inspired by the oat scones from my Whole Grain Baking King Arthur cookbook, which we make all the time.

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