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Kumquat mini cupcakes

Cupcakes have long needed a makeover. In October of 2007, recent Parsons grad Keavy Landreth turned her procrastination of baking into a decadent little moneymaker called Kumquat Cupcakery. The catch? You may think you can eat 12 of these bite-sized cupcakes, but they are surprisingly rich and delicious. So let’s say it would be like stuffing 12 bonbons in your mouth.

Kumquat mini cupcakes

On our Sunday trip to the Flea, we were at first disappointed by the lack of ornamentation on the chocolate mousse and banana with peanut butter frosting. So we asked to try one. The response was a polite reminder that they were not samples, and it would be $1. We ate that one and then bought 4 more, which came in this spiffy little box.

Following in the line of elusive Brooklyn artisans lacking storefronts, Keavy’s cupcakes can only be found at a few locations, including the Brooklyn Flea. Of course you can order a $15 dozen of your choice and hope she arrives at your door!

I expect to be seeing Keavy at the Brooklyn Bacon Takedown on March 29 at Radegast Hall & Beer Garden (see flyer). $10 to taste 30 bacon treats? I’m SOLD.

Below is the owner and a friend tasting some bacon-topped cupcakes as candidates for their waitlist position. The girls recommend whiskey as the ultimate palate cleanser.

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  1. NAOmni wrote:

    I about fell in love with the falling cupcake. That is one freaking adorable photo!


    March 18th, 2009 at 12:19 pm

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